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How to start custom jewelry business - Growing a profitable custom jewelry business

If you are considering making custom jewelry, you may already have mastered the preferences of certain specific users, or you are looking for a new niche in the jewelry market. The most important advantage of custom jewelry is to stand out from the crowd of competitors through its unique design style, so what are the processes and considerations of a custom jewelry business may be something you are considering right now.

Through this article, I will guide you to start by understanding the custom jewelry process and explain the cost components of custom jewelry cost, the production process of custom jewelry, how to find a custom jewelry supplier, and how to sell custom jewelry.

How to make custom jewelry?
Customized Jewelry Design

You will need to get some inspiration before starting this work when designing jewelry. You can learn about the most popular or unique jewelry design elements on the market, extract those ideas that inspire you, and then put them together to create a sketch of the jewelry, either on paper or through CAD design software.

When designing your jewelry, you may need to keep revising and refining the draft of your design according to the color and material combination. This step allows you to play freely until the draft is revised to your satisfaction. If you don't have the relevant conditions to complete the jewelry design by yourself, you can find a professional jewelry manufacturer to assist you in this work, you just need to put together your ideas and later you will be introduced to how to complete the jewelry design work for free.

Samples production

Sample production is an important part of the process of transforming a design into a physical object. Sample production requires consideration of the rationality of the jewelry design, color reproduction, cost, production process, and ease of mass production.
Before the sample production, the jeweler will further optimize the design details through 3D modeling, this link may modify the original design draft, and if the sample production process is entrusted to the jeweler to complete, then the jeweler will send the 3D model back to you for confirmation, so in the process of confirming the 3D model, you can put forward your ideas again. The jeweler will complete the final modeling work.

After the 3D modeling work is finished, the jeweler will produce a wax or resin model through the 3D printer, and then after a serial production process in order complete the task of sample production. After the sample production is completed, the jeweler needs to further confirm the final effect with you, and only after the final product effect is confirmed correctly can it enter the production process.
Bulk Production

The jeweler will calculate a relatively accurate production cost for you to evaluate before implementing the mass production process of custom jewelry. You can confirm the specific details with the jeweler for the cost and quality requirements, and clarify the specific quality requirements standards, then the thickness of the plating layer, the use of materials, and related quality inspection receiving standards, etc. After all the details are confirmed correctly, you can sign a contract for mass production of jewelry work.

How much does custom jewelry cost?
Design Cost

The cost of the design depends on the time spent in the jewelry design process. If you commission a jewelry designer to do the work, then the designer's daily design hours can be calculated as the approximate design cost. However, many jewelry manufacturers nowadays will complete jewelry design work for their customers for free in order to attract more customers.

Mould Opening Cost

The jewelry manufacturer will make a separate mold for this sample to complete the rest of the production. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of the jewelry design, and you can look for quotes from multiple jewelers.
Material Costs

Gold, silver, precious stones, and other materials are more expensive and the jeweler will quote you a material cost based on the weight of the precious metal used, and generally, jewelers do not make a profit in this segment. However, some common alloys and stones cost cheaper, and if your custom jewelry does not use precious metals and stones, the jewelry maker will not charge this fee.
Sample Production Costs

The sample production process requires professional workers to complete this work. Depending on the difficulty of the sample, the cost of the sample production process can range from $50-$150, which most jewelers promise to deduct from the total cost of producing the jewelry.
Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is the cost of shipping the sample from the jeweler to you. Since most of the jewelry is between 10-50g, the shipping cost is around 10-20 USD.

How custom jewelry is made?
Wax model making and casting
Only some jewelry with a simple design can be produced by laser cutting, polishing, plating, and inlaying, but most of them need 3D modeling and wax mold before production.

The worker will encase the wax mold in plaster, after the plaster is dry, the plaster is heated at high temperature, the wax will melt into the plaster at high temperature, the original wax mold will form a cavity in the application, and the metal that has been melted into liquid at high temperature will be injected into the plaster after the metal cools, the plaster will be destroyed to obtain the metal shape of the jewelry, this production process is called the lost wax process.

Once the jewelry casting session is completed, its surface will have traces of excess imperfections and stains, which need to be removed through a polishing session.

Some of the jewelry will be plated after the pre-polishing process is completed. The common plating colors are rose gold, gold, and silver.
To learn more about the plating process, you can check the following article

Where to buy wholesale gold plated jewelry


Gemstone Setting

If you design a jewelry surface that requires a gemstone setting, then the workers will complete the gemstone setting under a microscope. According to the process requirements, this procedure needs to ensure a clean and quiet working environment, because it is very meticulous work.

During the plating, polishing process, or jewelry moving process, the jewelry surface will inevitably leave fine scratches, affecting the overall aesthetics, and finally, further, polishing can remove these scratches, thus completing the entire process of jewelry production.
Quality Control

When the jewelry production is finished, it needs to enter the quality inspection and acceptance process, and the quality inspectors carefully check whether the final product meets the relevant requirements according to the quality inspection and acceptance standards, and if there are problems, it may need to be repaired or scrapped, and if the quality inspection and acceptance pass, then the jewelry can enter the packaging and storage process.

How long does custom jewelry take?
It may take about 1-3 weeks for the whole design, confirmation, and production process, depending on the complexity of the jewelry design and the production quantity.

Where can I get custom jewelry made?
Looking for a reliable custom jewelry manufacturer will save you a lot of time and effort. Yeajewel is a jewelry manufacturer from Yiwu, China, serving thousands of jewelry companies every year. Yeajewel will help customers design jewelry for free, with low cost, quality assurance, stable supply capacity, and short production time, you can enter Yeajewel's website to learn more about the company.
What is the customs duty on jewelry?
If you are located in the United States, custom-made jewelry from other countries may incur a 5.5% duty when entering the U.S. If you want to know the duties of other countries you can contact us at [email protected]
How to price your customized jewelry?
Setting a reasonable selling price for your jewelry is a key part of the process before releasing your product to the market. Due to the different sales channels, customer groups, and product positioning, we need to carefully research where our customers are when setting sales prices.

Which competitors do customers usually buy goods from? What are the average selling price and gross margin of competitors' products? Who are the real competitors of our custom jewelry? After continuous market research in order to set a reasonable price range for jewelry, I have written a jewelry pricing strategy, which detailed the pricing steps, formulas, and methods, you can click the link below to learn more

How to price jewelry for wholesale

Where to sell custom jewelry?
It is possible to sell custom jewelry by creating your online jewelry store. There is a lot of preparation work that needs to be done to create a store and requires advertising to attract customers to the site. You can also sell your custom jewelry through platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, Eaby, etc. The following article provides you with detailed information on how to start a jewelry business, including how to open an online jewelry store, how to improve conversion rates, how to reduce return rates and how to advertise, etc.

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How to buy wholesale and retail jewelry

Custom jewelry is a profitable business, and if your jewelry has a great design, it will become a hot-selling item in your store, and we expect you to continue to explore new niches and make higher profits.

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